We believe everyone should have the power to decide for themselves if, when, and how they will have children and parent the children they do have in a safe, supported environment, free from violence.

If you are ending an unwanted or untimely pregnancy, you might be facing stigma or shame in your home, your family or your community.

Even though abortion is a constitutional right in every state, some people have been arrested and charged with a crime related to self-managed abortion or ending their own pregnancy.

Here you can learn about keeping your abortion private and confidential while researching it or discussing it online if that is important to you.

Searching the Internet

If you are worried about someone knowing what you search on the internet and what websites you visit:

When you search the internet, the websites that you visit and the company that provides your wifi or data connection keep track of what you are looking at. The company that provides your internet connection is called an internet service provider (example: AT&T, Spectrum, Comcast).

If you want to hide your activity from the websites you are visiting and from your internet service provider, you can download an easy tool called a “VPN.” You can pay for a VPN or use one for free. Learn more about downloading a VPN.

You can also use a free, private web browser called “Tor” to browse anonymously. Tor is a web browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari, but it is private. Learn more about how Tor protects your privacy.

Visit the Tor website.

If you want to hide your activity from third-party trackers that follow you across different websites, you can install a free browser add-on called Privacy Badger.

Learn more about Privacy Badger.

Messaging Privately

When you send and receive text messages using your cell phone, those messages or information about who you sent them to and when you sent them may be visible to the company that provides your data connection (like Verizon) or a company who stores your messages (like Apple or Google).

If you want to hide your messages from companies that provide your text messaging service, you can use a free secure messaging app called Signal. If you download Signal and contact the helpline, you may request that we respond to you using Signal.

Learn more about Signal.

Secure Email

When you send and receive emails using an email account, your emails or information about who you sent them to, what you said, when you sent them, and from where may be available to the company who provides your email service (for example, Gmail, Yahoo, or Microsoft Outlook).

If you want to email privately, you can use a free, secure email service called ProtonMail. If you create a ProtonMail account and contact the helpline, you may request that we respond to you using ProtonMail.

Learn more about ProtonMail.

Simple Steps

There are simple steps you can take to prevent someone from seeing what you search online, like closing your tabs after you finish browsing, logging out of apps you are finished using, clearing your search history in your web browser, and locking your device when you are not using it. These steps may help prevent someone who can access your phone, computer, or tablet from easily viewing your search history.