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Abortion is a human right, and is still a legal right in the majority of states.If you live in a state that has banned abortion, you still have legal rights. We can help you understand those rights.

You may be required to do something before your abortion, like get counseling from a healthcare provider, get an ultrasound, or wait a certain amount of time between your counseling and your abortion appointment. Click here for information about abortion and judicial bypass in your state. 

Your rights to abortion without involving your parent

Judicial bypass is sometimes called judicial waiver and we use the term judicial bypass here. A judicial bypass means asking a judge to give you permission to get an abortion without involving a parent or legal guardian. Click here for information about judicial bypass in your state.

If you need a judicial bypass, the court must give you the required forms. These forms usually come from a court clerk and should be made available to you if you ask.

You do not need a lawyer to get a judicial bypass, but you can have a lawyer for free if you want one. All you need to do is ask the court for one. Or you can reach out to us to get connected to a lawyer who will help you through the process.

Your lawyer’s job is to represent you in court. That means they are there to help you ask for what you want. Even if the lawyer was given to you by the court, it is your lawyer’s job to help you ask the court for what you want.

The court cannot charge you for judicial bypass. You might be able to get help paying for your abortion by contacting one of the abortion funds or organizations on this page. If you need help paying for an abortion you can find an abortion fund in your state here.

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