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How Can You Help Me?

Whether you are facing a legal emergency or have questions about the laws in your state, we can help. The Repro Legal Helpline provides free and confidential legal services for your reproductive life.

We answer legal questions about abortion, miscarriage, labor, and delivery. We also support people who are being denied an emergency abortion, represent people who are criminalized for pregnancy outcomes, and connect young people with local lawyers for judicial bypass hearings.

You might not see the exact description of what you’re dealing with on our website. But don’t let that stop you from reaching out. We get a wide range of questions about people’s reproductive lives. And if we can’t help, we’ll try to find someone who can.

Learn what to expect when you contact our helpline.

Abortion Laws by State

Find out about the laws in your state and nearby states so you can get the care you need.


Legal FAQs

Legal Rights and Risk

Abortion is a human right, and it is still a ​​legal right in the majority of states. But what the law says and what happens in reality can be very different. Read about your legal rights, and potential legal risk, so you can have the information you need to make the decision that is best for you.

Learn more about legal rights and risk


Young People & Abortion

No matter their age, everyone should be able to make their own decisions about their reproductive lives. If you live in a state where abortion is banned, or if you cannot or do not want to involve your parents, you still have options.

Learn more about young people and abortion


Medical Mistreatment of Pregnant People

Everyone deserves to be respected and supported throughout their pregnancy. But all too often, pregnant and birthing people face discrimination, have their rights violated, and are denied emergency care. Understand your rights and learn about some of the tools that can help you advocate for yourself.

Learn more about medical mistreatment of pregnant people

Other Resources

Training and Technical Assistance for the Movement

If/When/How offers public education and training to advocates, health care providers, lawyers, and movement partners. We also provide legal information (and in certain instances, legal representation) to individuals who help people access abortion care.

Visit If/When/How to learn more


Repro Legal Defense Fund

If you know or are representing someone who needs help paying for the financial costs (bail, legal fees, practical support, etc.) of being criminalized for a pregnancy outcome, including abortion, If/When/How’s  Repro Legal Defense Fund can help.

Visit the Repro Legal Defense Fund to learn more

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