Occasionally, people who self-manage abortion may want or need to get medical care afterwards. Read on to learn more about your rights to medical care and privacy of your medical information.

Will the Doctor or Other People at the Hospital Tell Anyone That I Self-Managed My Abortion?


  • No state requires doctors or health care providers to report someone who self-managed an abortion to the police.

  • If they know you self-managed your abortion, they should not tell anyone without your permission. State and federal laws require doctors and hospitals to keep your medical information private. 

  • If you are a minor, the law in your state may allow the doctor to tell your parent or guardian. You can call us if you are a minor and you have questions about your medical privacy rights in your state.

  • If the doctor or hospital staff do not know you self-managed your abortion, you have no legal obligation to tell them.

  • Sometimes, doctors and hospital staff may share your information even though they should not. If this has happened to you, you can call us to learn more about your legal rights.

  • If you have been investigated or arrested for self-managing an abortion, call or message us.

Can I Be Tested for Abortion Pills Without My Permission?


  • No, a hospital or doctor cannot test you for any drugs without your permission. But even if you were tested, doctors say that there is no test that can detect the medications commonly used for abortion in the United States.

  • Learn more about abortion pills here.

Can I Get Medical Care If I Do Not Have Insurance?


  • You have the right to emergency medical care in every hospital emergency room, even if you do not have insurance.

Can I Get Medical Care Regardless of My Immigration Status?


  • You have the right to emergency medical care in every hospital emergency room, no matter what your immigration status. 

  • It is true that immigration officers have made arrests in some hospitals. Learn more about your rights here.

I Need Medical Information About My Miscarriage or Self-Managed Abortion Now, Who Can I Talk To?

  • Our helpline cannot provide medical advice or information, but you can contact the M+A hotline, which is operated by doctors that can give you expert medical advice. You can contact the M+A helpline at 1-833-246-2632 or visit their website at for more information.

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