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No matter where you are on your reproductive journey, we can help.

The Repro Legal Helpline provides free, confidential legal services for your reproductive life, including abortion, pregnancy loss, and birth. You know you. We know the law. No matter your age, our judgment-free legal services are here to help you make the best decision for yourself. Not sure if we can help you? Contact us and we’ll let you know.


What we can’t do

We do not sell or provide abortion pills. And we cannot give medical advice. The Helpline can only answer questions about U.S. laws.


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You can reach the Repro Legal Helpline by calling 844-868-2812 and leaving voicemail or by filling out our secure form. No matter how you contact us, we will always keep your information confidential. We will never contact the police, immigration, or any other state agency. We are here to protect you from the state.


What to Expect

If you submit a form, you will get a confirmation email. If you do not want to get a confirmation email, please call and leave a voicemail instead.

If you leave a voicemail, you must include this information:

  • Full name (say and spell)
  • Age
  • State
  • Whether we can text you or leave a voicemail
  • Some information about why you are calling

We respond to all questions within 2 business days. But if you have been questioned by police, arrested, or investigated for an abortion or pregnancy loss, we will contact you immediately. We will also respond immediately if you are being denied life-saving care.


Complete our secure form to talk to a lawyer

We respond to all emergencies within 24 hours. For all other legal questions, we will get back to you within 2 business days.

If you are a pregnant or birthing person looking for information about the laws in your state or are in need of legal advice, please click no and continue with this form.
If/When/How provides technical assistance to reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations, abortion funds, health care providers, law students, and lawyers about abortion laws throughout the United States, including up-to-date information about access to clinical care, self-managed abortion, forced parental involvement laws and judicial bypass, birth justice, and mandated reporting requirements for health care providers. The technical assistance we provide includes legal information and trainings.

Have you taken an at home pregnancy test or visited a health care clinic to confirm that you are pregnant?

We do not sell or provide abortion pills and cannot tell people where to get abortion pills. We cannot give medical advice.

We respond to people of all ages, but laws can be different for legal minors. This means the answer to your question may depend on your age, and we ask for your age to be able to give you the most accurate information.

We ask for your city in case we need to connect you with a lawyer or local resources.

We are based in the U.S. and can only answer legal questions about U.S. laws.

PLEASE NOTE: This form will send a confirmation email to the address you provide. If you do not want to receive a confirmation email, please call and leave a message instead at 844-868-2812.

Blocked numbers show up on caller ID as "Unknown" or "No Number." Some phones will automatically send these calls to voicemail.

We will do our best to call you at the requested time, and will make three attempts to reach you.

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