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Technical Assistance and Trainings

If/When/How offers technical assistance, public education, and trainings to health care providers, lawyers, movement partners, and reproductive health, rights, and justice advocates.

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If you don’t have a specific question for us, you can also check out our resources on mandatory reporting, self-managed abortion research, and a variety of trainings on how you can support people seeking medical care and reduce the harms of policing, prosecution, and the family regulation system.

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Legal Services for Abortion Providers, Abortion Funds, and Abortion Supporters

We provide legal services to abortion seekers.

If you are an abortion provider, or help people obtain abortion care, and have legal questions, please reach out to the Abortion Defense Network (ADN). The ADN can answer questions about your legal rights to provide or support abortion care, and connect you with counsel if you have been threatened with arrest or prosecution.

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From representing young people in judicial bypass hearings, to partnering with criminal defense attorneys, to joining a like-minded community of RJ lawyers, If/When/How is always looking for lawyers to join us.

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If you don’t need legal help, but would like to support the work, we welcome donations.

Every dollar helps us provide free, confidential legal services to people seeking abortion care, experiencing discrimination or a rights violation during labor and delivery, or being criminalized because of a pregnancy outcome.

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