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National Network of Abortion Funds

All people deserve the power to make decisions about their own bodies, identities, and health without fearing criminal punishment for those decisions. The SIA Legal Team plays an important role in preserving that power by providing information and legal support to people who are criminalized for ending their own pregnancies.


National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum

No one who ends their own pregnancy should face criminal prosecution. Yet these prosecutions occur and often target immigrants and people of color already wracked by oppression, poverty, and aggression by the State. The SIA Legal Team fights alongside our resilient communities to shift structures, change laws, and protect people criminalized for self-managed abortion.



National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health

Latinxs face formidable barriers to getting the reproductive health care we need. For generations, Latinxs have taken charge of our own health care in myriad ways in the face of unprecedented restrictions on health care. We have taken herbs, sought care from community elders and curanderas, and, gone online to find answers. When access is taken away, we still find a way to care for ourselves and one another. If anyone decides to take health care into their own hands, they should not be punished, criminalized, or forced into the shadows.

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2019 If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice